About us:

For us, raising chickens has always been a hobby. Like many begginers, we started out with a handful of hens in the garden as pets for the kids. We got more than enough eggs each day and had to give them away to friends and family. Eventually, people started asking if we could help them get their own birds.


Now, we offer our birds to everyone in the community. Because we own our own smallholding, we are able to buy birds from larger dealers across the country and offer them to locally.


Whether you want ducks for your duck-pond or hens for your hen-house, we're here to help!

About our birds.

Our birds are 100% free-range, with plenty of land for them to wander. 


Whether they're hatched or bought-in, we pride ourselves on the wellbeing of our animals and ensure that all our birds are healthy and fully vaccinated.


NB: To avoid spreading disease, we are reluctant to accept birds (even if being returned) that are in an unhealthy condition.