Ducks & Geese.


Ducks and Geese are usually hatched by us.


Geese are normally only available Spring-Summer.


Point-of-lay Ducks: From £15 each.

Geese: From £35 each (£50 for a pair).

Ducklings & Goslings

Because the eggs take several weeks to hatch, we only sell chicks to get in touch!

Day-old ducklings: From £6 each.

Goslings: From £10 each.

NB: At this age, all birds are unsexed!

Drakes & Ganders

Unlike cockrels, male ducks and geese are not too difficult to keep together. As a result, we are not desperate to get rid of our extra boys. That being said, our male ducks and gees are normally still cheaper than the females.


Silver Appleyard

  • Large sized ducks, bred for both meat and eggs.
  • Limited egg production. 
  • Enjoy swimming, so ideal if you have a pond.



  • Come in either White or Khaki (pictured).
  • Excellent Layers. (Can out-perform some chickens)
  • Do not need a pond, but will enjoy access to water.
  • Very friendly if raised from young.
  • Ideal for families.


Embden Geese

  • Adults mate for life. (Solitary geese not recomended)
  • Can lay up to 40 eggs per year, starting in January/February. (Will likely try to hatch young)
  • Become less aggressive when they get used to you.
  • Requre access to grassland and water.
  • Happy in any weather, including frost and snow.