As you might expect, lots of birds means lots of eggs.



Hen: £1.20 for 6.          Duck: £1.50 for 6.          Quail: £1.50 for 6 eggs.          Goose: £1 each.




NB: As our eggs are not stamped, we only sell our eggs at the farm!

We comply with all government regulations regarding the sale of eggs and are commited to following the guidance put forward by the environment agency.


When people buy their fist chickens, they sometimes ask what they should feed their birds. Because we buy our bird feed in bulk, we are able to offer people a small amount to get them started.

Straw & Hay

Occasionally when people buy their birds, they ask for a bale of hay/straw as bedding. As our supply is limited, we do not usually sell more than 1 or 2 bales at a time.


£5 per bale.