Our Friends.

We would like to use this space to show our appreciation for the local groups and businesses who have supported us in doing what we love. 


Allotment Garden


''With the best will in the world, no single web site can cover everything so we've linked to other web sites that we hope you'll find interesting, listed magazines about allotments, gardens, garden design, smallholding etc. and reviewed books that we think you might like (as well as our own books, of course!).'' 


''My wife, Val Harrison, runs the recipes and food side of the site. Growing your own inevitably means gluts and we give advice on how to store and preserve your harvest rather than waste it.''


We are firm believers in supporting the local community. If you run a local group with similar interests to us and would like to join our network, please get in touch at pwllhalogfarm@hotmail.co.uk.